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Zoysia Scalping ?s

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For you zoysia guys I need some advice. I have a thin blade cultivar (Royal) and typically to a light scalping while dormant but nowhere near as aggressive as my Bermuda backyard which I practically take down to the dirt. It's super dense so I'm about to do a verdict and dethatch. I have some low spots that I also plan to correct this spring. Some areas of the turf the leaf tissue grows right from the ground and it's maintained at a fairly low HOC. In my low areas theres a black stalky (for a lack of better term) area underneath the canopy. This year when I scalped I hit a few of these areas and it looks awful.

I have hit these areas before and they do grow back, but very slowly. For those that do have zoysia do you scalp? If so how aggressive? Am I better off to keep above these black areas and try to scalp only the grass flesh itself or do you cut down into these areas? Once I top dress and level, ideally I want only the grass flesh growing form the ground like in my high spots.
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I scalp my Emerald Zoysia to 3/8 each March, then mow at 1/2 the rest of the year.
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