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Zorro Zoysia

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I just had my lawn renovated this week. I removed centipede and replaced with Zorro Zoysia on house we recently purchased. It looks like a different house with the Zoysia. As a new member, I did have a few questions:

1. I know the sod was just laid, but when could it be top-dressed? I have some areas that are uneven as there was some variation in thickness of the sod from the farm. I guess some is expected as we had 5,000 square feet (10 pallets) installed. I assume I should wait until it is rooted. Should I do this before my first cut?

2. What HOC would people recommend? I was thinking of going a little higher, around 0.75 inches, as this is new installed grass. Ultimately, I would like to get HOC to 0.5 inches.

3. What are other Zorro owners cutting their grass with. I have yet to but a mower, but looking at a JD 220e. I had looked at a McLane at my local JD dealer but think the JD 220e is a better machine and it would be worth the extra money.

I will try and post some before and after renovation pictures later.
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I'd give that a good rolling out with one of those rollers. A lot of that doesn't look stuck down too well in my opinion.
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