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Zeon Zoysia Weed Prevention

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I have Zeon Zoysia that this is its first full summer of growth. I am learning as I go from this forum as well as online sources. I have been applying the 16-4-8 fertilizer about once a month along with Milorganite to get the growth started. The lawn is green and the starting to fill in (with a couple bare spots still but that is due to too much water and need for topdress). I just placed Mirimichi CarbonizPN on my grass as I was told it was a great product for root growth.

My question to the group is should I be applying some sort of weed prevention right now? If so, what should I be applying?
Supersod schedule for Zoysia says to but my local SiteOne guy said to hold off on weed control since I do not currently have any weeds in my yard. His reason is that Zoysia is dense and chokes out weeds. From his comments it sounds like I need to just fertilize for growth and spot treat when they do come up with a sprayer.

Many of you have some great lawns on this site and my goal is to be there one day. I am just trying to get my schedule down this year so I can make it routine in the coming years.

What says the group?
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I would say yes, but only if you believe the roots are fully established. While zoysia gets very thick, weeds will still try to germinate. A popular pre-emergent here is prodiamine. A $65 jug will last most people many years.
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