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For those of you who know me, this won't be anything new, but I thought I would document some of my experience with my back yard. It's not a show piece, but its's noteworthy imo.

First of all, my back yard is divided into two sections:

1)The dog side
2) The other side/soccer training pitch

Going back as long as I've had multiple female dogs, my back yard always had issues with urine burn, paw traffic, and sporadic digging episodes.
I did not sod my back yard like I did my front with Seashore Paspalum. I did put a few extra pieces of Paspalum back there, but nothing of significance. Going back 3 years ago, the back was common centipede. My PH and the centipede never fully agreed and it never quite thrived.
The May two years ago when I planted the Paspalum, I began trying to eradicate volunteer Bahiagrass. As a side result of lower mowing, I also started a slow kill of my Centipede. What happened next was the eureka moment.
A small patch of volunteer(common/who knows?) Bermuda grass began to extend its legs into areas where the weaker grass once occupied. I patched a spot in front of my back porch with a few small rolls of Tifgrand I picked up at SuperSod locally.
Enter the ProPlugger and over the course of the season I plugged Bermuda grass into bare spots in the yard the centipede wasn't hanging on. I did more of the same last season and began verticutting the Bermuda.
At last count I have at least 5 distinguishable varieties of Bermuda in my back yard, how three of them got there I have no idea. Having Bermuda in the back certainly answered ever concern I had with pet damage. It's aggressive growth and recovery seals up pet damage quickly.

Tifgrand(today 4/9/17)
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