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Yard Butler Lawn Core Aeration Tool / handling cores

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I have purchased a manual core aeration tool that I will be using this weekend on my relatively small lawn.

What do you guys typically do with the cores when mowing low (<5.")? My initial thought is to: let them bake in the sun for a day; feed them to my dual-blade rotary mower w/ bag; and then reapply the material to the lawn via a drag-mat. I'm guessing there are probably better ideas out there.
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Ugh I used this last night on about 1000sqft of compacted STA. My friend let me borrow it and I think that was a workout. I ended up jabbing into pieces of old bricks and tree roots. I "tried" to do 8-12 holes per sqft, but I mainly concentrated on the bare, compacted sections. I spread some gypsum, little fertilizer, and some compost over it, with about .5in of water this morning. This will be my test plot, as I need to do it on another 2000 Sqft or so. I too wanted to buy another one and just walk around the yard like I had crutches. Also, when it was really damp, I couldn't get cores to come out, it hasn't rained in about 5 days and it was perfect cores. They will dry out and I will spread around. They crumbled pretty easy in my coastal sand/soil. Nice to not have standing water in my side yard after the sprinklers.
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