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Worms everywhere

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Toward the end of last year, I started noticing small worm mounts, laid down a few rounds of sevin dust and spectracide. Followed it up with a lawn guy laying down his application and I still have an abundance of worm mounts everywhere in my Bermuda 419. Any tips?
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I have Earthworms everywhere and they not pretty in the Lawn
Maybe because our soil has been soaked in the southeast there's more worm activity coming up for air? When they are on the concrete you know all of the soil pore space is full of water.
I don't usually jump over to the Warm Season section (you guys actually want bermuda and zoysia? weird)
You all have such beautiful, flat yards that I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams.

Anyways, this thread has some good information. Thought I'd OST this one.
Ware said:
From this morning...

This picture (I know it's from a long time ago) makes me feel so much better about my yard. The worm castings are terrible. Between that and the dog poop, my yard is a mess. I can't wait until it dries out and I can sweep them to break them up. At least that's the plan!
i wish i had earthworm problems.

Do applications for killing/preventing grubs not affect earthworms?
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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