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Woke up to this on the lawn (5b)

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What is this stuff? Fungal? Mold? Spiders?

I'm in Colorado. 5b
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Do you have any lesions or discolored grass blades in those areas?

Looks like it could be one of two things:
nope. Everything looks good and very green.
Maybe mycelium. If it is, it's usually regarded as harmless. I had some in my new renovation. It went away on it's own. Although I ended up with other fungal issues and maybe the mycelium was indicative of that.
If it's spider webs, they will be visible once the dew dries. If it's mycelium it could be disease is coming..

I put a fungicide app down anyways just as a precaution.
It's not sod web worm is it?
Did you apply an organic fertilizer recently?
Sinclair said:
Did you apply an organic fertilizer recently?
......September 12th
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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