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Will this mulching blade work?

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I still use my grandfather's now nearly 30 year old mower and I love it (its kinda my thing). Only problem is the max HOC is 3" and it is a bag-only type mower. I was looking at getting a 2nd blade to always have a sharp one on reserve and came across a mulching blade that would fit the mower. Would this work? Is the blade the only thing that I need in order to use this mower to mulch?

I'll attach a photo of the blade and a link to my mower. Thanks for the help!

Current blade:

New blade:

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If you take out the bag, does the flap fold down and cover the opening? If it does... that makes it a "mulching" mower. The blade you linked, if it fits your mower, should be a decent mulching blade. I use something similar. :thumbsup:
MarkAguglia said:
If I can get my hands on the actual mulching kit Id definitely get it! Any idea on where to find that?
If what @g-man is correct, then you need

Model #: 59181
Mulching Kit

^^ just get the plug and get the mulch blade you posted earlier.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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