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Will PGR thicken bare spots?

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That question doesn't quite make sense the way it's written as bare spots have no grass to thicken...

But, will applying pgr slow the growth (Bermuda) into bare spots? Dogs killed off some areas over winter and it's still struggling to fill in. It obviously shortens stolons but how will this effect the regrowth?
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It will slow down the "grow-in" process for sure. I would wait until you have good coverage before making the app.
DC3 said:
Tellycoleman said:
So what happens if you start pounding your lawn with fertilizer while on PGR?
Like a pound every 2 weeks.
Correct me, but I thought you didn't want to put more than 1.5# a month... Right now I'm putting down between .5-.75# every 2 weeks.

Legitimately this morning I noticed an increase in lateral growth, maybe the temps and fert are finally pushing it. I have not put down PGR yet, I'm really debating waiting after reading all this. Mid June might be ok, I do want to get a good increase in thickness this year so I don't want to wait too long... But I guess I'd also prefer to not have just dirt.

Here is my issue...

I'm so close to throwing down some seed just to help. But cutting so close and so often, I'm not sure how well that'll work...
This looks like many tee projects / grow ins that I have done in the past - thinner areas where the sprigs didn't catch. If it were me, I'd be hitting these areas with 1#N/K (21-0-0) a week until you have it grown in entirely. Pushing rapid growth to an established sward isn't ideal, but we're not working with an established sward here...Increase the N and you'll have it covered in no time....then start working with a pgr (you may want to ask around about common and pgr and how it impacts aesthetics).
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