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Why you should never EVER cut more than 1/3

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You have heard the experts say that you should never, EVER, cut more than 1/3 off the top of your lawn. Is it an old wive's tale? Is it "common knowledge"? As it turns out, the very structure of a blade of grass reveals the secret! Here is what I mean...

Most of the photosynthetic process of a blade of grass takes place in the middle third of the blade. The bottom third tends to be older and stemmier. The top third is younger, less developed, and tapers to a point. This taper cuts down on surface area.

Ah, but that middle third... it is the widest part of the whole blade! It is the most completely developed... It has everything it needs, and more, to be the powerhouse photosynthetic factory for the entire blade. Most of the life-giving effort of a blade of grass takes place in the middle 1/3.

When you let your grass grow too long and then mow it short in order to get ahead of it, you are cutting into that middle one-third. You are cutting into (or maybe cutting off) the life-giving force of that whole blade of grass.

Please be gentle with your grass. Mow it more frequently if you have to. The grass will thank you and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.
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What is the rule of thumb for lowering, while following the 1/3rd rule? If I mow 1/3rd of my blade, how long do you wait to cut into the next 1/3rd?
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