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So far i have bought a john deere x370;core areator; chapin 20 volt sprayer; lawn roller; dethatcher; hose end sprayer; spreader' 2 new sprinklers; new hose; 2 way valves; walk behind edger. Can anybody loan me $10.00 till payday.

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Swardman with verticutter and scarifier cartridges, ego string trimmer/edger, RR landscape blade.

Not equipment, but PGR for first time, going to get some Humic Acid going as well.

Edit: also got an Eley reel with 100 foot hose, quick connectors and spray handles.

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This is my first year going all out

McLane 17" reel mower
Reel roller for McLane
Chapin pro series backpack sprayer
DFW Wand
Hose end sprayer from TSC
Redid above ground sprinkler system(mp3000 nozzles)


This is what I can remember getting. There are still more pieces of equipment that I am planning on. Probably my next big purchase is the landscape blade.

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I bought a new Cub Cadet SC 100HW walk-behind mower.
Traded my Ridgid impact wrench for a Echo 255ln blower
Traded my Ryobi cordless drill for a Homelite Electric chainsaw
Bought a Chapin pump Sprayer
Bought some Rubber Boots
Bought some Self propelled front wheels and a blade for my Craftsman mower.
Bought some Echo Ear Muffs
Bought a Scott's Broadcast Spreader w/ Edgeguard
Scored Free 2 x 2 Gallon Roundup Pump Sprayers.
Scored Free a Black and Decker Electric Edger.

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Had this sitting on the front porch when I got home. Really aggravated because I can't assemble it completely due to a faulty rivet on the inside. :evil:
However, I called them because the times when I was window shopping on their website, I'd add a reel to my cart, and the 4-piece quick connect kit would show up, along with free shipping. It didn't when I placed my order, so I called the next day, and they sent me one. So, I'm not that bent, unlike the rivet.

Also got 2 of the Garden Hose 2 way-shutoff valves, and the Professional Spray Nozzle Set. Looking forward to putting that to use.


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New Toys (new to me):

Husqvarna SD22 Seeder / Detatcher with Delta Blades
Bought this from a local rental company a few weeks ago - In excellent condition and I sharpened the blades.

Toro Greensmaster 1000
Found this over the weekend on FB Marketplace - Ended up picking it up for $550! It is mint - Not even a spec of rust on the reel or bedknife. Going to service the motor (oil, plug, filters) and give it a backlap. Might try and get a clip kit for it too, but I'll see how it cuts first. (Picture is from seller - Not my yard!)

Next up I think is a Chapin 20V push sprayer with boom conversion.

Also eyeing more attachements for my Stihl Kombi.

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I just ordered the Chapin 24v backpack sprayer.

I would like to thank the guy who pointed out that Menard's has it for $150 but I can't find his post. They have a rebate that brings it down to $133.49. I jumped.

My Jacto XP416 is the pits. I bought it last year, used it twice. I paid $87.95 for it and will kick it to the curb.

The dfw_pilot wand is wonderful, though! That I will keep!
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