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What two cycle oerl do you use?

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All this talk about gasoline has gotten me excited. :dancenana:

In ancient times I bought a case of TCW 3 at Sam's club and it did last me for decades.(It was twelve quarts of two cycle oil) We used it up a couple of years ago and I have been using various little bottles of two cycle mix and I started doing a little research to find the best replacement, and the first thing I discovered to my rude surprise is that TCW 3 is an outboard/marine oil specification and using it in your leaf blower isn't maybe the best stuff you can use.

Like gas stabilizers there is a lot of information that looks iffy out there as well as claims from companies that make very expensive oils.

Back in the day we used regular oil at about 16 to 1. Now it seems that 40 to 1 is sufficient. Some are claiming 100:1. I am thinking maybe just try to find a deal on oil from Stihl or Echo. They ought to know what is good for their engines. There is lots of lore from two cycle motorcyclists, gokarters and even ultralight pilots. According to the motorcycle racers running a little rich with respect to amount of oil in the gas is a wise thing to do resulting in better compression and lubrication and cooler operating temps.

Anybody have any experiences or opinions to share or two cycle oil products they love?
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Oh boy, two-smoke oil! :lol:

These threads are the secret to eternal life, as they never die. Why? Because there is no one answer. Every engine is different. My hopped up chainsaws will not tolerate a 100:1 oil ratio for long. A stock high-performance saw likely wouldn't either. The lower connecting rod bearing is likely to be toast in no time. However, my (stock) leaf-blower or a hedge-trimmer would likely do just fine on the 100:1. In fact, the actual oil ratio really isn't all that important. I run a high-viscosity racing oil (for the benefit of said hopped-up saws) at 40:1 in ALL of my two cycle and 4-Mix equipment to no ill-effect, even though the OEM recommends a 50:1 mix. Pistons and plugs stay clean, so do the muffler screens.

To go the other way, there is no need to mix up a special batch of 16:1 SAE 30 non-detergent for most vintage equipment you may have either. Barring anything that makes extensive use of plain bearings or known to have rough machined surfaces, modern oil mixed at 32, 40, even 50:1 should do just fine. Again, I personally shy away from 50:1 just because of my tendency to run high-perf or vintage saws but 50:1 is certainly do-able in old iron.

The only real hard and fast rule is to make sure the oil you use is designed for use in air-cooled engines. The operating temperature range of your typical air-cooled OPE engine vs a bike/atv engine, sled, or outboard all vary significantly with specific oils blended to cater to each category's needs.
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ken-n-nancy said:
Another thing I like about the Echo-branded Power Blend oil is that it claims to have a fuel stabilizer so that it isn't necessary to separately add a separate fuel stabilizer sch as Sta-Bil.
This is usually the case with most two-stroke oils labeled for use with OPE. Some advertise it clearly, others do not.
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