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What to clean my weeds up with?

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Hey folks I'm a month from seeding and have just cut my Fescue for the first time. I have some weeds and a lot of Onion/garlic. I was not able to get my tenacity down at seeding unfortunately. So I have that and Trimec in my arsenal. Which should I use after the second cutting to clean the yard up? Don't want to harm my new grass and I realize it may take 2 applications 3 weeks apart? I'm thinking mid November would be safe.. also what rates for either one? Thanks fellas!
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g-man said:
What weeds you need to control? Crabgrass?
Most of my crabgrass was killed during the Reno. I will post a few pics in a bit. But It's a lot of garlic and I'm thinking black medic? Some plantain too.
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