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Bermudagrass, 3.75 acres, Arkansas
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JacenHunt said:
What is this? I planted Riviera Bermuda. This is coming up every where.
Sedge... you will need something like:

If you don't have much of it, you can buy Sedgehammer in pre-measured packets. Each packet makes 1 gallon of solution (enough to cover 1,000 ft2) and already contains a surfactant. The other labels (except for the Dismiss) call for adding a non-ionic surfactant. The packets have a lower up front cost, but are more expensive over the long run.

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Take a look at this article

It has a nice list of herbicides you can use and bermuda's tolerance. Pay attention to the timeline.
Example 1 wae. 1 week after emergence.
Emergence is defined as a uniform stand of one-leaf seedlings about 0.5 inches tall.
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