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What is this grass taking over?

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Northeast corner of yard. Had heavy poa in this area too, most of that is gone now.

It is very bluish, and has spread and taken over. Very thick.

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@Turfguy93 Yes right now morning shade. There was a big cherry tree cut down this spring that was giving 70% shade in previous years. It was around last year too not nearly as bad
@Green I don't feel any bumps on the stems. It's not clumpy either, as the descriptions I read said it grew in clumps.

It's growing more even like a carpet. Kind of hard to describe.

I sprayed with a CCO + Tenacity mix as I had some clover to knock out as well. Sprayed it on Monday 6/11. Hopefully it is nimblewill and the Tenacity will kill.
@g-man didn't drop anything. I now think it may even be 2 different grasses.

One is bleach white after the tenacity a week ago and a couple 85+ days in a row.

The other just looks weak, but not bleached

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Here are some close ups and a recent picture of it in the lawn. Probably will hit it with another app of Tenacity tomorrow evening.

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Does Bermuda get bleached by Tenacity?
This does look similar. It's been so hot I'm worried about throwing another round of tenacity at it. Maybe I'll do an evening application and rinse it off in the morning.
2 months later and the questionable grass is completely dead. The Bermuda I'm going at again.

Based on the kill, I think it was likely nimblewill or maybe triv. Either way Tenacity + CCO smoked it. Thanks all for your help.
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