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What is this? Fungus? Damage?

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Looks almost like nitrogen burn (but I haven't put any out in nearly 3wks)...random spots around the yard that just started showing up in last 7-10 days. I did PGR about 2wks ago and Celsius about 4 days ago so I don't imagine it's either of those...

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Any chance you put down a wetting agent without sufficiently watering it in? Last week I took the leftover slosh of water and residual Penterra left in my measuring cup and, not thinking, tossed it out in the yard. Didnt water in at all and a day or two later had spots like that where it had landed. Those spots resemble what you're dealing with. Apparently Penterra DOES have some phytotoxicity if not used properly haha.

*IF* it's fungus, looks like dollar spot to me. I had a slight, but easily manageable outbreak towards the end of last summer. A possible sign to see if it's fungus would be to get out there early in the morning to see if there's heavy mycelium presence in the suffering area. If so, there's a chance you may have a fungus issue.

I ended up using some of this:

Best of luck with the treatment.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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