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What is light dose of Nitrogen?

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Tier 3 - If you have irrigation, then you could maintain the lawn out of dormancy. A light dose of nitrogen could be use in June and July.

Am in transition zone.
If I wanted to feed my lawn in June & July, I have some leftover 46-0-0 urea hfrom the fall blitz - can that be used as my nitrogen for this light dose?

How much is a a light dose?
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Im thinking most on here will say no. Even with irrigation. Im debating on putting down a little bit over a quarter app just to help where I didn't get good coverage at the end of May. But im nervous doing that using 29-0-4 and irrigation. I personally wouldnt even consider it using straight urea. Temps should be a lot lower for that. Most guys on here dont fertilize during the summer. Unless its organic, or milorganite which technically isn't considered organic.
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