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What is happening to my Centipede?

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Here are a few pics of whats going on. Majority of the yard is great except for one corner next to driveway and walkway. I water my lawn and this one area just looks like crap. One day it seems to be coming back and the next its dead and dry looking. Thanks guys

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Have you poked around in the soil to see if there may be some chunks of concrete or possibly rocks under there causing it to dry out so fast? Is the soil really compacted there being right at the edge of the driveway?
How's the sprinkler coverage over that area?
+1 for bifen, good stuff for above ground insects. For grubs something with imidacloprid or chlorantraniliprole is what you would want.
Sounds like you have good irrigation coverage. Try doing a soapy water test for soil insects. Mix a few tablespoons of dish soap with a gallon of water and pour over the area.
How about fertilizer? Has this spot received the same as the rest of the lawn? What kind of fertilizer have you been using?
Sounds like you're probably good on fertilizer. Try pulling up some of the stolons in that spot and see how they look. I would also take a rake to that spot and get some of that dead grass out of there.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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