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What is causing this? Is it dead?

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Hello everyone, and thank you in advance!

I am far from a green thumb, but sure love good looking lawn. I have searched, and found so many examples of pictures of problems, that I am getting even more confused with what could be happening with my lawn. I am hoping to post a few pictures and have a discussion with your opinions as to what this could be. Dead or wrong season grass is my best guess so far...

1.5 acres of lawn. I seeded in 2015 from freshly tilled soil (about 2ft top soil from previous canolla field). I used a standard turf grass from local agriculture store, 40% kentucky, 40% fescues, 20% rye I believe.

First season was dry, so i have been fighting weeds, dandelions and thistle, but doing really well with it so far.

This is 2016 - my best year

2017 - not much of a picture but you can see the weeds, but filling in ok

This year, its going downhill.

Looks ok from an angle, but really really thin, with dead in between everywere.

Dead spots

My backyard gets less attention than the front, but both are showing same symptoms. The very back yard seems to have less of the dead, rather is just thin grass. Not sure why but here is a pic of it. I am ok with how it is back there.

Here are some pictures from this year of a specific spot on my lawn. This area within 30 feet of the deck was seeded in 2016 after adding soil and re-leveling the area. I can't help but wonder if i had bad seed, or accidentally grabbed a bag that had completely different grass in it. It is filling in, but sloooooowly.

Certainly a long post, but if you paid attention this far, thank you! Any help and advice is appreciated.

If any more information is required, by all means!

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We had a fairly dry spring, but then the last few weeks (about 2 or 3) before the latest pictures we have had an abundance of rain. The day before of which I fertilized with 24-15-8.

The area by the deck is a prime example of my problem, and is the same area of the close up pictures above.

Thanks again!
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