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What does everyone use for ant control?

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It seems like the last year or two my back yard has had a problem with ants. These are kind of large, aggressive, biting ants. I use Triazicide granular and it takes care of the problem for the entire season. As I'm learning more about lawn care I am more aware of the micro organizims/ micro herd in the soil.

Just wondering what others are using to control ants.
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Bayer Advanced granules.. first time I used it definitely got rid of all the ants.. and has grub control for 3 months. It also killed off all the crane flies that were hatching and pill bugs.. it didn't do anything to the Slugs however.. going to have to do some research on slugs I think they help break up the organic material but I'm not sure cuz I see them eating grass blades..
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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