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What disease is this

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Anyone ever seen these cob webs looking things. This is a new one for me. Thanks for any help
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Thanks guys. I just got some eagle fungicide in the mail I will check and see if it works on pythium blight
Crap lol what your recommard to buy
Thanks guys. I forgot to check my tread yesterday evening and got in a hurry and ordered heritage G. I jumped the gun because I saw it said it would work on it lol. Hopefully it does
It's spreading and spreading fast. I think you guys where right it's pythium blight from the cob web looking stuff I'm seeing. I 2 day ordered some heritage g so hopefully it's here tomorrow. I sprayed some eagle tonight Incase there was something there the eagle would work on
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I wonder if the brown grass is toast or if It can pull out of it
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