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Hello, I am having some weed issues that just starting appearing over the past few weeks. Location is Florida. Any help would be appreciated. Pics attached. Thanks!

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1.) Cut grass short - rake out all the filth underneath
2.) Prodiamine pre-emergent (thats the chemical name - many brands). Water that in.
3.) Put down a post emergent (theres lots, but for a start, try the Scotts yellow bag) - early in the morning when everything is wet with dew, so it will stick better. Give it a week or two to take effect, but wait a couple days after applying to mow.
4.) Kill anything that pops back up with (in my opinion) a liquid. What I use is a generic 2,4D with Dicamba - safe for grass - mixed with some surfactant and blue dye (so you can see where you sprayed it).
5.) Every 2 weeks go back and re-spray anything that didn't die

Then after all that, you can spot treat for whatever weeds are left. The surfactant will really help with the dollarweed, as its slippery and the stuff doesn't like to stay on it. Also keep in mind that only grows where its extra damp, so you may have an underlying issue there.

Then keep up with the pre-emergent and insect control, etc.
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Rockinar said:
That 2nd one looks like dollar weed. I have it and have not found a cure.
2,4D and Dicamba will do it. Hit it once a week for a month, and make sure you're using surfactant. In a pinch I sometimes use dish soap :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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