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This is my first post. I'm glad I found this forum.......hello all!

I have a water question. I know we supposed to water deep and infrequent. About one inch/ week. I'm going away for a week. I just realized we have a heat wave coming later in week so I need to water.

I realize we should water in the early hours but my timer been on the fritz so I am watering now. 11:30 am til 1:30 pm. It's in the low 70s now so not real hot yet. Is this ok?

Oh it's not a sprinkler system, above ground w hose.

Thanks.....oh and I have a mostly TTTF lawn

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The idea of early watering is that the grass will likely already be wet from dew. Watering at a different time extends the time the leaf blades are wet, thus creating a potential for fungus to develop. When the heat is high, I found better survival with shorter watering (ie. 1/2in) every 3 days than 1in/week.
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