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Watering after overseeding help

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Hi all,

just did a lawn leveling with sand and compost, killed some poa and crabgrass and then overseeded. So need help on correct watering.

I have a sprinkler system with 6 zones. Last time in the fall when I overseeded, used 4 times a day watering for a week and then 3 times for 1 week, Going to 2 times after that. It was overkill I think. Got tons of moss and my germination wasn’t good.

  • How many times a day to water?
  • How long to water. If my weekly 1inch watering for zone 1 is 30min, should I do 15/10/5min?
  • What time of the day to water? I’ve been told not to do early morning as we have morning moisture already and not to do evening
  • Should I vary the watering schedule per weather (more on a hotter day, less on cold)?

Any other tips?
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Getting TONS of germinations!!! 🥳🥳

It’s actually quite amazing and way way better than my overseeding last spring (by a contractor). And last fall by myself. The leveling of the lawn by good soil/sand I believe has contributed and better lawn PH and watering schedule. Last but not least, this heat wave really kicked things off!

Here are some pics. Grass is totally coming through DEAD POA and DEAD crabgrass.
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Alright all, it's now been exactly 20 days since seeding:

  • The BEST result has been on a bare part that had zero grass from before, it was more of a "whatever" seeding using Scotts sun/shade seed, and it's now 2inches and shockingly good
  • The second best part, AGAIN, is a bare spot that I used Dense-shade seed for (Fine/Tall Fescue)
  • The Elite PRG, that I assumed would come out fastest, BUT was seeded on TOP of the dead POA/crabgrass, has been the SLOWEST, weakest, and more spotty

To me, it looks like, seeding after Glyphosate is NOT ideal even 3-4 days for new grass (label says you can after 24hrs). Also, I did NOT fully remove the dead grass, as I didn't have time, just topped with soil and seeded.

Now, I definitely need to overseed MORE in the bare areas, BUT how dense should they be to begin with anyway? Like since they are baby grass, wouldn't they naturally fill the rest and thicken up?

Second question, WHAT should the watering schedule be? Interestingly, weather is now a lot cooler. I was at 4-5 times a day, during super hot days, then was at 3 times a day, now, 2 times a day but longer sessions. I will then overseed some parts, should I go back to 3-times a day again?

Third, I have a few MOSS trouble areas, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Should I just use "moss-out" liquid and kill em off? Would they harm the baby grass/seeding?

PS. Pics tomorrow
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Ok here are some pics.
What do you guys think? Is it ok for 22 days post seeding?

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Here are some more


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