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SimonR said:
Redtenchu said:
In no real order, just some pictures from earlier this month.
Looks great Red, absolutely crushing the neighbors. How do you get the big picture preview on the thread?
Use the direct link option from Postimage,org and then select the img button from above or type out [img-] "link" [/img-] around the link without the dashes.

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HitEmTrue said:
southernguy311 said:
The new neighbors yard man hasn't watched me mow, but he spends at least 5 minutes staring and touching my grass on the border of our yards every time he comes by. I like to think he appreciates it, but it's borderline creepy kind of.
too funny!

I have you posted pics this year? Surely you have...I'll find them.
I'm still in the "getting there" phase, but looks ok considering soil temps are still <80 and despite 0" of rain in April.

Taken this afternoon when I got home from work.

3 weeks ago when I verticut 3 directions.

10 days ago
1 - 20 of 725 Posts
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