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Vole or Mole damage??

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Hello all does anyone know what damage this is? Voles? Or Moles or something else? If Voles any ideas on how to rid them to prevent further damage? I tried the castor oil and dish soap spray and didn't see a difference.

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Don't think that's mole damage, our moles leave mounds of earth.
Possibly caused by animals like raccoons who are digging up grubs?
I was wondering if raccoons did it

Here's a few closer photos. Looks like little burrows but they don't go more than an inch or two deep

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Need to treat for grubs. Several animals dig them up.
Looks like what armadillos cause here in Texas rooting from grubs.
Definitely armadillos. Lead poisoning is the only treatment. Got 2 of the SOBs a few days ago. These were juveniles messing up flower beds. Unfortunaltely they always have a litter of 4. So I still have the parents and 2 siblings to go 🙁

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