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Unsure what section to put this in since I am in a transition zone but long story short I bought a house in VB 2 years ago and never had any issues with the backyard. It was always thick and full and I did nothing but mow it. I never really cared about it much until now. I think I may have cut it to short to late in the season last fall and allowed for weeds to get in. Now this summer it is terrible. The combination of short cutting, foot traffic and some low spots that flood when it rains hard has left me with a disgusting yard. I have done a lot of research and searching on here and google, watched you tube videos, and asked some friends and family. First step I took was raising my mower deck height as high as it would go. Second I removed weeds, crabgrass, and anything dead and raked the entire yard very thoroughly. Third I filled in the low spots with topsoil and leveled them to the rest of the yard. Then I made the mistake of going to Lowe's and asking them what kind of grass I have (i brought clippings and photos) and bought some grass seed. Now I have grass growing in some of the bare spots but its defiantly not the right kind. I am not looking to have a golf course quality lawn, but need some help getting it healthy and full again. Appreciate any guidance as to what grass type I have and what seed I should buy, and any other steps I can take to help it get back to normal. I have included some photos. Thank you in advance.

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It looks like a northern mix. It looks like you had or have a fungus (black dots in the leafs). I dont think the low mow cause this, but a fungus might have.
Don't water every day. That encourages fungus. We call it deep and infrequent. The idea is to apply an inch of water per week ideally at once. In summer I do split it in two 0.5in applications.

Solving any drainage issue is important. Water that pools keeps things humid for fungus. Give the Cool Season Guide a good read for more tips.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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