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Veg garden feedings

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Is there any easy rule to follow on NPK rates to cover variety of vegetables? I’m not trying to treat each plant separately if possible.

Ex: higher P in early phases and higher K during fruiting? Weekly liquid feeding?

Beds are half compost and half native/top soil. Got a variety of stuff. Cucumber zucchini carrots herbs blueberry tomatoes peppers edamame misc flowers and other stuff. Last year I used something like a 10-10-10 soluble fertilizer weekly or biweekly feedings.
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Answering my own question after some research. Generally it seems newly established plants want P, growing phase want N and fruiting phase want K.

Miracle Gro soluble fertilizer seems the most economical. Roughly $10 per 3lbs on amazon. Couple different NPK formulations.

Anyone recommend different?
we have a pretty large garden - a family garden of sorts on my moms property - and what we do is at the beginning of the season we till in a cheap 10-10-10 in the top 4-6”. That serves as our baseline NPK source. Then my mom takes over and does the supplemental feedings which is as much art as science, it seems! Bottom line is that if the soil has all of the necessary nutrients available the plant itself will find and extract whatever it needs. No different than turf in that regard, except that they need different nutrients in different amounts. The timing aspect is secondary, since the plant knows what it wants. For this reason it’s worth getting your garden soil tested early in the season! For $8 a sample at our extension office it’s a no brainer
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