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Valve Recommendations

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I have been working on getting all the sprinkler zones and heads all repaired and what not after installing the Rachio G3. Found one valve thats being a real pisser offer and sticking open even after taking it apart and cleaning it out and inspecting the insides. The ones in now i believe are pretty old and cant find a model or brand name on them. I already got the box dug out to put in a new bigger one and figured while i got it all dug out no better time than to replace some valves.

Leaning toward Hunter PGV or Hunter ICV but want to see what others think as i don't know much about sprinkler valves.

Then i see some with and without Flow?

Thanks in advanced.
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I like the brass ones, but looked up the price of a few, and out of my budget when this box alone has 4 valves alone.

Didn't know about those cool union style Swivel Pipe Manifold for the valves, gonna have to look for those at my local irrigation shop. My current ones that came with the hose are like those jar top ones..

Thanks guys.
Got lucky and found an identical valve of what i already have installed at ewing irrigation supply and fixed my issue without having to glue in a new one, bought a Hunter PGV for the shelf.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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