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Using Proplugger to seed bermuda?

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Just ordered a proplugger and I'm going to use it to seed some of the bare patches in my lawn. My question is, what is a good procedure/ hole filling mix to use (soil, sand, fertilizer, etc.)? Also what dept should I use?
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The ProPlugger is a different tool that you'd use for a different function, but with similar means to an end: growing grass. If you're planning on growing plugs, I would just use a garden trowel to dig up dirt, and put seed that was grown in peat pots into the holes. I used this to put new seedlings into areas of my lawn that were bare from the reno that I did last year.

Conversely, I used the ProPlugger to transplant plugs of grass from the thicker areas that were in my yard where there wasn't much grass.

Here's some pictures of grass that was grown from peat pots and transplanted, and plugs that were transplanted. Can you tell which one was cultivated from which? Take a guess in a post, and I'll reveal the answers in a reply.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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