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I can't figure out what ratio to use for this...mainly the water.
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Check out this tread posted by G-man and scroll down to the section on spring. There are a lot of great references created by him and other members listed there to show you how to apply and at what rates.

G-man has created a excel spread sheet that you can download and adjust the values of the square footage to meet your lawns dimensions as well as GrassDaddy has a YouTube link there of how to apply and he has a link on his video to a calculator you can use based off your square footage to calculate how much Prodiamine to use for you size, grass type, and desired coverage period.

As for the water requirement I believe it states no less than .5 gals/M but I believe most use about 1 gal/M. Some may correct me on that...
Your profile says you have Fescue.

So you can apply a rate of 1 lb per acre all the way up to 2.30 lbs (max dosage).

If you have other grasses mixed in like KBG or PRG then your rates would change to .5lbs to 1.5lbs per acre.

Keep in mind that's the max dosage for the year, not max dosage per application. So if you want to do another application Later in the year for fall weeds then you have to account for that now.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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