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Updating existing irrigation system

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Looking for some advice on updating my existing irrigation system-both lawn and shrub sprinklers. System is 8 years old and in good operating condition. My main goal is to deliver water more accurately.

The main concern is that my sprinkler bodies have sunk down over time. The result is that the trajectory of the water is too shallow. In other words I get a lot of water too close to the sprinker and not enough at the end of the arc. In the case of my shrub heads, since I have raised beds, too much water is hitting the stone wall.

Since I am not planning to dig up the sprinkler bodies I am researching nozzles that have a higher trajectory. That's the basic project.
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These are spray heads? If so, then you might be able to find one with a slightly higher trajectory, but I will caution you that it could potentially create new coverage problems for you due to unforeseen factors such as waste. But in order to weigh in I'll need to know what spray heads and body setups you currently have.

On the sprays in the landscaping, you and I are in the same situation. I'll be honest with you, it's a huge waste of water and you're going to be getting overspray no matter how you do it until you just convert the zones to a drip system or with micro sprays. Since you've already gone underground irrigation, there are a number of kits you can use to simplify this process. You can convert individual heads to 90 degree valves connecting to drip lines or even soaker hoses. You can switch out your valve for that irrigation zone to a pressure regulated and filtered valve, so the entire zone has just the right amount of pressure to run the drip system efficiently. I'm currently in this same battle and just picking one zone at a time and revamping.

Rainbird and Hunter also offer low volume rotator nozzles that span about 4 feet. This might be an option for the beds too.
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