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Univ of Tenn turf-grass - poa annua day

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For those that are interested
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Did anyone watch the 2018 Poa Day broadcast?

I was introduced to Fraize mowing today. Scalping to the WHOLE next level.

Around 9 minutes they show just barricade, talk about resistance, and go on to talk about the benefit to rotating modes of action.

I was glad to see my application method of Barricade, Monument, and Princep at the 24:30 time, looking really good in their test plot.

It was nice to learn that Monument (20:30 in the video) has a lingering impact in the soil in a different way than Revolver and Katana.
Trifloxysulfuron is actually used as a preemergent in field crops under the brand name Envoke. You will not see the preemergent action unless it is applied as a broadcast treatment. I broadcast everything unless I want to be dealing with weeds 12 months out of the year in previously not sprayed areas.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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