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Tru-Cut Issue: Wavy Lines

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My recently purchases used Tru-Cut C27 (has roller) is making my lawn look like a bag of Lays Wavy chips.

Please note that my lawn is very very bumpy. The blades cut just fine.

Please help me troubleshoot.
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Adrian82 said:
Mightyquinn said:
Will it cut paper evenly across the whole bedknife and on every blade?
Thanks for the followup. The reel is not cutting eveningly across the bedknife. I believe that I was getting false positives because my test strips were too thick. Today, I used thinner strips of paper and they did not cut. Personally, I thought the reel rotated too freely. I will adjust the reel-to-bedknife and update you.

Thanks again.
I had the exact same problem. This time of year, your grass is so thick the mower is floating. In my (humble) opinion, you must scalp, verticut, fertilize, water and wait.

One quick question......did you go/wait longer than normal to mow AND then notice the problem? That is how I screwed the pooch.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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