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Tru-Cut Issue: Wavy Lines

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My recently purchases used Tru-Cut C27 (has roller) is making my lawn look like a bag of Lays Wavy chips.

Please note that my lawn is very very bumpy. The blades cut just fine.

Please help me troubleshoot.
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I agree. My experience has been that Bermuda eventually gets a little puffy when mowing with a reel mower, and benefits from some sort of mechanical thinning.
Adrian82 said:
...About 45-60 secs into the backlap, my Black & Decker Matrix starting spitting sparks and flames. I cut it off and hosed it down...
I had a cordless drill get hot on me during backlapping, so I use a 1/2" Milwaukee Magnum corded drill now.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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