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Hey all, I've found a reel somewhat close less than(2hrs), but going that way anyway. I take the wife on her yearly nursery /flower/plant run. So I'll take her there 1st, hope she finds lots of plants, and then slide on over to check out the tru cut. This is all I know. It's a H-20 GC135 4.0 w/casters that I will be replacing if I get it. Seller wants $950 I offered $300. He says lil light. So I counted w/ $360 telling him if the reel & bedknife checks out w/ no dings it will need to be sharpened. And plus the drive over there and sight unseen. He says it's hardley been used like new & it might have 50hrs on it, It's never been sharpened & the reel needs to be buffed up it does have rust on it. It does run. He says he started using a yard service so he did'nt need it any longer. He says $400 & it's mine. I don't know what is equivalent to 50 hrs on it. Is that a lot? What would be in the near future for as maint. problems coming my way?


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@Jeff20 Obviuosly I cannot see the reel/bedknife/clutch. Those are the most expensive things to replace if they have gone bad.

Based on a few things I see... 400 would be a good deal IMO.
1. Paint looks great and looks to be well taken care for.
2. Wheels look like they have lots of tread left on them which means it hasn't been used too much. Unless they have switched out the wheels which I highly doubt.
3. It is the latest version, based on the shape of the chain guard.

Obviously if they never greased it there could be issues. Just make sure it functions as it should... both clutches engage. Also,as you mentioned, make sure there are no large gouges in the REEL or bedknife.
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