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My brother-in-law has a toro pro line 42" belt drive walk behind.

He is done mowing his lawn and has hired it out. Therefore, he is ready to sell his mower. It has the stamped, fixed deck and kawasaki 16hp.

he is asking me what I feel is a fair price. He is the original owner and has always kept it maintained. It is a clean mower, but I have no idea what is fair. He is asking me is I think $750 is a fair price.

Looking at comparable scags, between 36 and 48, I see 500-1000, so the 750 falls in the middle.

The unit is 16 years old, with roughly 45 hours a year (720).

So is 750 fair, should he ask more or less? I may consider purchasing myself, but he has someone else in mind first as he knows I won't pay top dollar...

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I won't pretend to know what it's worth, but now is a good time to sell (or buy)!

If I was selling the mower, I would start at the high end of the comparable and slowly drop the price until you start to get interest in the mower.
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