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Toro Greensmaster & Greensmaster Flex Resources

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I know several of us here run Toro Greensmaster reel mowers. This post is a resource to help you locate relevant manuals and documentation for your Toro greensmower.

Go here and enter your mower's model number (found on the serial number plate attached to the frame). The search result should list the serial number ranges for that particular model number. Make the appropriate selection to access things like the PDF Operator's Manual and Parts Catalog for your particular mower.

Go here to download the Factory Service Manual for your mower. This detailed manual will provide basically everything you need to know about taking care of your Greensmaster.

Current production Greensmasters have Subaru engines, but most that are currently on the secondary market are equipped with the Kawasaki FE120 Engine . The Service Manual for the Kawasaki engine can be found here (or several other places online with a quick Google search). Most common replacement parts for the Kawasaki engine are readily available from online parts warehouses like Jack's Small Engines.

If you are just looking for general Greensmaster Specifications (like HOC range, clip rate, etc.), you can find those here:

If you are looking for part numbers for Greensmaster Accessories (like bedknife, reel and roller options), you can find those here:

Go here to learn more about increasing the HOC range of a Greensmaster Flex.

For common aftermarket replacement parts and accessories, I would suggest R&R Products. They make it pretty easy to find parts by selecting the make/model of your mower, then viewing the various parts schematics.

For uncommon replacement parts and accessories, you will need to contact the Toro Golf Equipment dealer that services your region. Note that Toro dealers who sell residential/commercial mowers do not have access to parts for Toro greensmowers and other "golfcourse equipment".

GSA Price List for some Toro parts - courtesy of @FedDawg555
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Do people always remove the bed knife bar to replace the bed knife or is ok to do it while it is still on the toro 1000
I've replaced my bedknife while the bar was still on the mower for both GM1000 and Flex21.
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Do people always remove the bed knife bar to replace the bed knife or is ok to do it while it is still on the toro 1000
Never taken it off unless I was installing a new reel. Just back off the adjustment, install new bed knife and get it adjusted back.
Has anyone replaced a motor on a GM1000 and have a recommendation on what could work?
well that was absolute pain in the arse. Had to remove the bed bar and use a punch to get the screws out. they were in there pretty tight. At least that part is done. now to put it back together.
@Saints What is the issue with the motor? Does it need an overhaul or is it completely trashed?

@soupy01833 A solid impact gun and the bit specific to bedknives helps a lot.
unfortunately I only had a hammer based impact tool.. what impact wrench do you use?
@soupy01833 I used a Ridgid battery-powered impact gun. It's not the best one on the market by a long shot but it got the job done.
@Saints What is the issue with the motor? Does it need an overhaul or is it completely trashed?
Im not sure really. I’ve changed spark plug, cleaned carb multiple times, changed the float, changed oil and put an inline filter on the gas line. Sometimes it starts right up with no problems and sometimes I can’t get it to start for anything. It’s been a headache since I’ve gotten it.
All back together, was a lot easier than I thought it would be( except the screw removal). Had to do a good backlap to get it to cut paper all the way across but the edge and contact are really nice now. Might change the reel at some point but ATM it is fine the way it is., Now I just need my scalp to grow in as it seems to be taking its sweet time. Has not been great bermuda weather the last few weeks in NC. cooler temps but it will get there eventually, Just have to decide on what HOC I want to go for. I will settle somewhere between .5 -.75. is what I am thinking.
Anyone know where to buy a Toro Flex 2100 reel belt part number 99-2022 over Memorial Day Weekend, ha? Long shot I know but I’ll pay someone if they’re in Charlotte and have a spare hanging around.
What’s the best roller position on a GM1000 to reduce bobbing? I’ve been dealing with a wavy cut for months now; grooved roller, triple cutting and going slow doesn’t seem to have much result. I was planning on moving the roller to the “third” position, only to realize it’s already there! Does anyone know if the middle position would be better?
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