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Toro 22" Recycler

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My gas rotary mower finally blew up tonight. It was old and came with the house. I got two summers out of it, and it cut pretty well right up until it's death, so bonus.

I couldn't leave the lawn half cut, so I raced out before the sun went down and picked up a new Toro.

It's like driving a Cadillac. Quiet, smooth, sure footed, and all the power one could want.

I love it.
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I have the last of the lawn boys before toro took them over. It was probably where toro got their "inspiration" from (changed paint color). What a great mower. Those new toro recyclers are probably among the best for the money. Imagine all the poor toros bought at home depot and used on substandard lawns.

Still not as good as the REAL 2 stroke lawn boys.
Nomo said:
I looked at the this mower but front wheel drive doesn't sit too well with me.
I agree. Especially because I'd imagine your type of lawn is taller and thick. More push than self propelled. FWD seems to be a real budget minded option to me.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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