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Toro 1000 or flex 21

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I'm gonna swap the mclane by next mowing season. I mow at 7/8ths now. Will probably be around 1/2 next season. Should I get a greens 1000 or a flex 21. I have about 10,000ft I mow. What's the differences between the two? Been trying to find them on google with no luck. I figure/know u guys will tell me what's up. Thanks!!!
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I can't speak for the Toro units but I am mowing at 1" with my JD and an 11 blade reel and it does just fine. I only get wash boarding on one small section and I think that is more due to lumps and bumps than the cutting unit. Only other thing that may be helping me is the ability to adjust my FOC.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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