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Top Dressing with sand/compost questions...

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Planning my second round of sand leveling (1/4") in the front (~750 sqft)next week but wanted to add some compost into the mix. Here is my timeline so far:
4/1 - Starter Fertilizer (24-25-4)
5/1 - Top Dressing/Leveling 1/4" mason sand (.5 yard) with full bag of milorganite (5-4-0, 36lbs)

What ratio of sand/compost would you guys recommend? 80/20?
Would it be better just to top dress with the sand and throw down another full application of the starter fertilizer a few days before the sand?

Thanks!!! :thumbup:
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What if you level out with sand and add a thin layer of peat moss on top for O/M and also for water retention. I did it 15 days ago with te seeding of my backyard, and the results are pretty good.
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