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Top Dressing with sand/compost questions...

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Planning my second round of sand leveling (1/4") in the front (~750 sqft)next week but wanted to add some compost into the mix. Here is my timeline so far:
4/1 - Starter Fertilizer (24-25-4)
5/1 - Top Dressing/Leveling 1/4" mason sand (.5 yard) with full bag of milorganite (5-4-0, 36lbs)

What ratio of sand/compost would you guys recommend? 80/20?
Would it be better just to top dress with the sand and throw down another full application of the starter fertilizer a few days before the sand?

Thanks!!! :thumbup:
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I think the consensus is that if you are leveling, you don't want to add organic matter.
Yes. Many forms of OM will continue to decompose changing the level of the soil. Plus you can't work it much w/o it separating the OM and sand. I'm assuming you are leveling for reel mowing. If you are just filling in ruts, holes or gullies that would be a different situation IMO. I use sand for that and I do add OM (peat moss). I find it to take little effort to revisit a few holes that settle and top them off.
There are a few cool season folks that reel mow, but the only one that I'm sure has leveled is @wardconnor. He'd be a good source for advice on this.
Or maybe one of the warm season guys like @Ware would give you advice on this.
Or @Pete1313 :D :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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