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Top dressing timing

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Hello all!

New member here and I just want to say this site is awesome! The unfortunate thing is I think I'm slowly transitioning from a Tier 2 to a Tier 3 lawn nut. :eek: :lol:

My biggest issue I would like to tackle this year is leveling the back yard. The grade is fairly level but also very bumpy. I have done quite a bit of research on material to use (sand, sand/soil, sand/compost) and have a plan for this fall to detach, aerate, top dress, overseed...but my question I have to wait to start top dressing? Since my main goal is to level it out, I plan on using 100% mason sand (agree?). I realize its a slow process, and thats why I'd like to get started sooner rather then later! :)

My other issue I'd like to tackle at some point is I have some lighter shades of green, but those can wait for now.

Here are some pics of the back yard. As always, thanks for any info!

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Current HOC is 3 inches.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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