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Tommydearest 2023 Lawn Journal

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Figured I'd finally take the plunge and start one of these. If for nothing else, so I can look back and have a log of what I've done.
Here's a couple of pics of front yard. 2022 started with moles, and their tunnels, everywhere. Ended up killing about 9 from April until July. That left a lot of filling in to be done.

We used Trugreen and I didn't pay much attention to the lawn until 2022. Cancelled at beginning of 2022 because they didn't seem to be doing that great of a job. Unfortunately, I cancelled them before spring pre-emergent AND before I started researching taking care of the lawn. Story short, no preemergent this spring and had major crabgrass in all the spots that the mole ravaged. Quinclorac did a great job of killing it all, but left a lot of thin spots to fill in.

Front yard. Reel mowed at 2.5"

We took out a large pine tree early August and I did a small reno where it had shaded out all the grass for years. Wish I would've taken a before picture. It's filling in nicely. This is SSS Sunny KBG/PRG/Fescue mix. SS9000 I think it's called. Hoping to redo the landscaping under the maple tree here.

The maple tree really shades this area. Grass has never grown well between the tree and the house. Early March I trimmed a lot of limbs to allow more sunlight and wind in. Always had some moss growing on the ground here. The trimming seems to have helped as the area has filled in more than I have ever seen it.

Side of the house. Decent amount of bentgrass intermingled. Going to have to correct soon.

Backyard. I've been mostly concentrating on the front and about the 75 feet of the backyard before that power pole. A lot of yard to take care of and I'm new.

Apr. 3 - Barricade .48% @ 1.8lbs/msqft
May 10 - Blanket spray T-Zone SE in backyard. 1.5oz/2gal/1msqft
May 15 - Yardmastery Stress Blend 7-0-20. .32N .9K 1m/sqft. GrubEx 2.8lb/msqft
May 22 - AMS 21-0-0 front yard only. .25N/1msqft


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Watering about .5” today. Did almost an inch on Monday. Temps have been cool but no rain all week and none in five day forecast.
Above ground system I made last year. A 3/4” 75’ hose cut in half. Put an Orbit H2O-6 on each end and one in the middle. Eley quick connect on the end. Makes it much easier. Connect this to a 50’ 3/4” hose from the spigot.

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