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Tips for First Celsius Spray

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Any gotchas for my first Clesius spray tomorrow morning? Applying to the entire yard this time to try to knock out whatever weed it is that @gatormac2112 has and has really gone nuts in my yard recently. Obviously getting the app rate right is important. Using a surfactant.

Anything outside the ordinary that I should think of?
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Make sure you've calibrated your sprayer, I don't use tracking dye, I just follow the mowing lanes and eyeball how wide it's spraying. Not as exact as dye, but I just hate messing with dye, it gets everywhere :lol:

Make sure it's not too windy before proceeding, and make sure you mix the right amount. I did the high dose which I believe was 1 teaspoon per gallon per 1000 square feet. I probably could have done half that dose.
I don't measure Celsius on a scale, the label says the high dose is 1 teaspoon = .113 oz

I do wear long pants, rubber boots and rubber gloves
dfw_pilot said:
$10. Worth it.
I have one, I just don't see the point for Celsius

EDIT: I realize how flippant that sounds after reading it. It's always best to measure to be sure.
I do the same thing, apply half dose in 4 gallons over 8000 square feet, then do it over again 90 degrees to the first pass.

I can't stand using dye. If you can walk a straight line along a mowing stripe you can do it without dye, especially if you are making two passes in different directions.
Ecks from Tex said:
dfw_pilot said:
Jericho574 said:
Marking dye on the other hand is serious stuff lol
No kidding - if marker dye were five loaves and two fish, I could feed 5,000 with it too; that stuff just goes and goes.
I get the stuff on my hand all the time. I'm a corporate lawyer and get the strangest looks in the office the next day when half my hand is faded blue. :lol:
That's why I opt not to use it. No matter how careful I am I get blue stuff where I don't want it :lol:
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