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Time to go Reel Low

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I joined the reel family today. Not a greens mower, but at least upgraded to a McLane. Would love to join the greens mower club one day, but not in the budget this year. Resodded with Celebration last summer and it took well, but ready to go to the next level. Have added a backpack sprayer and the McLane to the arsenal since the growing season ended. So this year I"m adding ProD, full fertilizer regime, and the McLane to the game. How low do I dare go this year?? And when can I start cutting??

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What is your lawn currently at right now in regards to HOC? Congrats on the new mower and I don't think you will be disappointed :D
With as tall as your lawn is right now, I would start to consider scalping as early as you can, maybe late February or early March and try and do it in sections. You will have a TON of material you will be removing and it's better to break it down into manageable parts instead of trying to do it all at once. Start with scalping with the rotary where you left off at the end of the season and see how much that takes off and then go to the next notch down and so on and only do one notch a day. It may take 2-3 weeks to get all the scalping done but if you spread it out it won't seem so bad. I hope what I just wrote makes sense :D.

Depending on how large of any area is around your trees in the front, you may want to look into turning them into flower/planting beds because if the area is heavily shaded, there won't be too much grass growing there and if it is it most likely will be very thin and weak. Plus adding the beds will make it a lot easier to mow around and maintain the area.

Would you mind updating your info to include your lawn size and mower? It will aid in giving you more precise advice on what you are wanting to accomplish.
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If you are just verticutting the back yard (4K) you should be able to do it easily in one day if not a half day. I too have heard that Celebration is aggressive but with it only being a year old I'm not too sure how thick it really is at this point. Hopefully some Celebration owner will be by here and give us some insight.
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