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Time to go Reel Low

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I joined the reel family today. Not a greens mower, but at least upgraded to a McLane. Would love to join the greens mower club one day, but not in the budget this year. Resodded with Celebration last summer and it took well, but ready to go to the next level. Have added a backpack sprayer and the McLane to the arsenal since the growing season ended. So this year I"m adding ProD, full fertilizer regime, and the McLane to the game. How low do I dare go this year?? And when can I start cutting??

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For scalping, I'm a fan of scalping on the mowers lowest setting without hitting dirt. I then maintain the grass just above that setting until I can't keep up with mowing. Celebration Bermuda is aggressive and will not take long to recover.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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