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Thinning out Last Season dead zoysia Grass / Thatch?

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All - Happy hump day! Trust yall are doing well.

I have a Zeon Zoysia yard in Atlanta and year over year i find it difficult in the spring to get the yard to look full and get thick since the prior season dead grass lingers for months. Of course mowing clears a bit each mow, but overall i'd think clearing this out would allow the yard to thicken up a lot quicker.

Is a power rake / dethatcher the answer to my problems? Since this is old dead grass still standing rather than thatch near the dirt i wasn't sure. OR am i S.O.L. since what really was needed was to be scalped earlier in the season? Any input is appreciated.

Example picture:
Thanks in advance!
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it's been an odd spring. i've got neighbors 'muda and zoysia that mow at a rotary level -sure, they still see straw. my tifgrand was green but hadn't really grown much either, still showing some baggage from last years dormancy.

i've got some trouble areas in the back shade ...i'm going to be applying fungicides preventatively this fall, rather than reactively.

i will say, this week it's all growing as we're getting up there where the low + high ~ 150 degrees....and i have yet to apply any fertilizer to my zoysia this year. i had cut saturday and then wednesday due to the growth so i think "it's on" from here
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