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Long story short, hit some concrete, bent the bedknife, which locked up the reel and the force of that broke a weld on the reel that made it go out of round. I was able to get the bed knife off only with some serious work (all seized and corroded).

My next task was to remove the reel itself. It isn't the easiest thing to get to, I'll tell you that. There are a lot of parts you have to remove before you can ever get to it but i was finally able to get it off.

The replacement reel gets here today, but after taking it all apart I'm going to need an o-ring and another bracket. I'm also probably going to go ahead and replace the bearings that go on the reel as well. They aren't bad by any means but figured for 10$ a piece and since I already have everything apart I might as well.

I just hope at this point I can get it back together and get it working...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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