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jayhawk said:
Love it. I long for something similar...after all, raised hereford and some limousine in 4H.

Back to grass ...lot of shade there, time will tell on that "gmo" grass
By "gmo" do you mean superior?

Super jealous of your L36. I looked into it but the sod was too expensive for me... well the sod was reasonable it was the 2 trucks driving 205 miles at $5 a mile that made my stomach turn. Also tried securing 150 bushels of sprigs but struck out there also. Strike 3 was calling every golf course and sod farm around to see if they had a "sod to sprigs" machine. I'm sure some of them did but refused service because it wasn't in their best interest being such a small job.

I'm planting Riviera this weekend. Here is a picture of them side by side. Left: L36, Right: Riviera. L36 is quite a bit finer.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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